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Automated line for producing fencing Shutters and C-profiles
Used for

Automated line is use for producing profiles Shutters that used for fencing and ventilated facades.

The line has an automatic punching kit of mounting holes with a predetermined pitch.

The line allows you to produce a  C-profile for installation with montage holes.

Technical characteristics
Line operation mode automatic, manual, service
Material coiled steel
Type of the material: galvanized steel, galvanized steel with polymer coating
Type of decoiler automatic, reversible
Decoiler drive asynchronous, frequency-controlled with it's own Mitsubishi inverter; motor-reduсer VARVEL/TRAMEC/MOTOVARIO
Thikness of the metal: 0,35…1,2 мм
Forming rate 55 m/min
Profile length-axis accuracy ± 1mm
Max. length of profile any
Drive asynchronous, each of them is frequency-controlled with its own Mitsubishi inverter; motor-reduсer VARVEL/TRAMEC/MOTOVARIO
Type of guillotine electromechanical/pneumatic Camozzi, with profiled knive, with Carlo Gavazzi sensors
Control programmable industrial controller with sensor operators panel (with access to the Internet)
Tape movement sensor rotary pulse encoder Autonics



Composition of equipment
  • Automatic decoiling machine - console, reversible, carrying capacity 2 tons
  • Decoiler control system, electronic with Mitsubishi invertor and sensors
  • Roll-forming machine
  • Roll-forming machine control system, electronic with Mitsubishi invertor and sensors
  • Electromechanical, with profiled knives
  • Automatic table for receiving of the profiles
  • Hydraulic station Ponar
  • Hydraulic stamp
  • Passport for equipment, instructions
  • Special tools
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